Our mission is: 

to see people far from God come into saving, healing, and transforming relationship with Jesus. 

Our vision is: 

Until everyone hears

our code: 

1.  Jesus is the Focus

We live for the one who died for us. 

2.  We Never Clock Out; We work with Excellence

Every moment is an opportunity to add value to people and to the church. We owe everything to the God who gave us everything. We want whatever we do to reflect that. 

3.  We are Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

We will continually grow in our trust of Jesus by taking aggressive steps of bold belief. Because we’ve been comforted by Jesus, we’re called to get uncomfortable for Jesus. 

4.  We are a House of Honor

People should never feel like projects, but always know that they are the objects of God’s love. As we serve God together, we honor up (our leaders), honor down (those we lead), and honor all around (those we serve alongside). 

5. We keep it Fresh

The mission is sacred, the method is not. We honor yesterday, but we’re loyal to tomorrow. 

6. We stay in our Lane

We can only succeed at doing what we’re called to do. We run with single-hearted focus. We want to do what we’re called to do at the exclusion of what would distract us. We see complexity as a weakness, and simplicity as a strength. We believe in focused excellence. 

7. We are not a country club for the saved; We are a Hospital for the Hurting

Country clubs have requirements to get into; hospitals don’t. We do whatever it takes for just one more to meet Jesus as Savior. This means that we don’t cater to who we want to keep, but who we want to reach. What we do is not for everyone, and that’s ok. We will make no excuses in reaching more with the good news. We will always make room for one more to belong, not as they should be, but just as they are. We believe in ongoing growth. 

8. We are in it to Give, not to Get

We are not consumers, we are contributors. We see personal sacrifice as the backbone of our ministry. We live to give. We are generous with our time, our talent, and our treasure. We always go above and beyond in serving the people around us. We never say, “That’s not my job.” 

9. We are About what we’re For, not what we’re Against

Some people seem to live their lives based on what or who they’re against. This is not us. We are for Jesus. We are for people. We are for our city being turned upside down with the grace of God. We choose to speak life. 

10. We are People Possessed by Promise. 

The Scriptures are alive because the Author is alive in us. 

11. We don’t Take Anything for Granted. 

We aren’t entitled. We are thankful. We don’t have to serve. We get to serve. We believe in doing everything God has called us to do with great joy, energy, and enthusiasm. 

12. We are Together

We come around a single vision, and do it with aggressive unity. We know who we are, and who we’re not. We will always fight to become all that God has called us to be.